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Here is the current list of supported instruments for Knobby. This list is growing all the time so please check back. If it's not on this list, it doesn't mean we don't support it. In fact, if you see a product that is supported by the Phatboy, the Knobby will also support it and more! The Knobby will support any instrument that responds to MIDI controllers, NRPNs, and most sysex messages. We're probably working on your instrument right now! You can enter the contest mentioned on this website, or if you want us to support your instrument send us an email or a photocopy containing the sysex or controller implementation!

Access Virus
Alesis Midiverb III
Audiosimulation Dream Station
Behringer Modulizer Pro DSP1200P
Bitheadz Retro AS-1
Bitheadz Unity DS-1
Clavia Nord LeadI/II**
Clavia Nord Modular*
Creative Labs AWE32
Digitech DSP-128
DsTec OriginalSyn
Electrix Filter Factory
Electrix Warp Factory
Elektron Sidstation
Emu Carnival
Emu Morpheus
Emu Orbit V2
Emu Planet Phatt
Emu Proteus MPS
Emu Proteus/1
Encore/Roland JP8
Ensoniq ASR-X Pro
JoMox AirBase 99
JoMox Xbase09
Kawai K5000
Koblo Vibra 1000
Koblo Vibra 9000
Korg DW-8000
Korg Electribe-A
Korg Electribe-R
Korg MS2000
Korg N264/N364
Korg Prophecy
Kurzweil K2000**
Kurzweil K2600**
Line 6 AX2 212/AxSys212
Line 6 Pod
Mackie OTTO-1604
MAM Warp 9
MOTU MIDI Mixer 7s
Native Instruments Pro-Five
Native Instruments Dynamo*
Native Instruments Reaktor*
Novation BassStation
Novation BSR-1
Novation DRK-1
Novation DrumStation
Novation Nove/SuperNova
Novation SuperBassStation
Oberheim Matrix6/1000
Peavey CEQ-280
Peavey Spectrum Analog Filter
Peavey Spectrum Bass
Peavey Spectrum Synth
PPG Wave 2.2/2.3
Quasimidi Polymorph
Quasimidi Rave-o-lution
Quasimidi Sirius
Quasimidi Technox
Rebirth RB-338
Roland Alpha Juno1/2
Roland D50
Roland GS series
Roland Juno106
Roland JX-8P
Roland JV-1010
Roland JV-1080
Roland JV-2080
Roland JV-80/880
Roland MC-303
Roland MKS-7
Roland MKS-80
Sequential Six-Trax
Sequential Max
Session8 Audio
Standard MIDI Controllers
Steinberg Model-E
Syntecno TeeBee
Terratec EWS64
Terratec Microwave PC
Waldorf 4-pole
Waldorf Microwave II
Waldorf Microwave XT
Waldorf Pulse
Waldorf Q**
Waldorf Wave
Waldorf X-Pole
Yamaha 01V**
Yamaha AN1X
Yamaha CS2X
Yamaha DX100
Yamaha DX11
Yamaha DX21
Yamaha DX7
Yamaha MU100
Yamaha MU128
Yamaha REV500
Yamaha S80
Yamaha TX-802
Yamaha VL70m**
Yamaha WX5/BT7
Yamaha XG series
Zoom RFX-2000
Zoom RhythmTrak

* indicates the instrument responds to standard MIDI controllers and is completely configurable.

** indicates these are performance controllers, not sysex.