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MMDISP MemoryMoog Display Board
JP8MK $350
JP8MK Roland Jupiter8 MIDI retrofit
SMK $350
SMK Moog Source MIDI retrofit
OB8MK $350
OB8MK Oberheim OB-8 MIDI retrofit
OBXMK $350
OBXMK Oberheim OB-X MIDI retrofit
OBXAMK $350 OBXA-MK Oberheim OB-XA MIDI retrofit
Nord (G1) Expansion $425 DSP00 Nord G1 Expansion - out of stock
Nord G2 Expansion $499.00 DSP01 Nord G2 Expansion - out of stock
Waldorf Microwave(XT) Expansion $450
DSP02 Waldorf Microwave(XT) Expansion
Waldorf Q Expansion $450
DSP03 Waldorf Q Expansion
Frequency Shifter *MOTM* $375
MFS01 MOTM style Frequency Shifter - NEW LOWER PRICE
Frequency Shifter *FracRak* $399.00 MFS02 FracRak style Frequency Shifter - out of stock
Frequency Shifter *EURO* $399.00 MFS03 EURO style Frequency Shifter- out of stock
Expressionist $499.00 EXP01 8 channel, 16 bit professional MIDI to CV converter
Knobby $149.99 KNOBBY Programmable MIDI Controller
Slidemate $199.00 SLIDEM Programmable MIDI Controller
Universal Event Generator *MOTM* $299.99 UEG01 MOTM style Universal Event Generator
Universal Event Generator *EURO* $299.99 UEG02 EURO style Universal Event Generator
Universal Event Generator *DOTCOM* $299.99 UEG03 DOTCOM style Universal Event Generator

Simple return policy:

Items may be returns within 30 days only if item is in new condition for refund of the item, shipping charges excluded.

Anti-static sealed bags must not have been opened.

If there is evidence of the bag being opened, no return is allowed. (just like software)