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Encore Electronics has received numerous reviews which praise our products.
We are happy to provide some recent examples: (click on a page to view the actual magazine image)

Expressionist Review - Keyboard Magazine - October 1997
 Cover (91k) Page1 (143k) Page2 (78k) Page3 (77k)

To see a text only version of the Keyboard review, click here.

Expressionist Review - Electronic Musician - May 1998
  Page1 (200k) Page2 (150k)

Knobby Review - Keyboard Magazine - July 2000
  Page1 (179k)

Knobby Review - Audiomidi.com - May 2000
Click on link above to see the Audiomidi review

Slidemate and Knobby Review - Recording Magazine - December 2001
Page 1 (290k) Page2 (299k) Page3 (269k) Page4 (143k)