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The OBXa-MK gives you new control and expanded patch capability for your Oberheim OB-Xa. The OBXa shipped from the factory with two configurations: 32 patch or 120 patches. Now with the OBXaMK, you can store 120 patches, just like later Oberheim products. The patches can be saved with the new SYSEX capabilities. You can transfer patches to another OBXa (with an Encore kit) or a computer. This is very useful for the older synthesizers that are starting to loose patches because of the battery's age.

Speaking of the battery, this MIDI kit stores all of its parameters in Flash ROM, including the patches! During installation, you actually remove the battery because it is no longer necessary. After installing this kit, you will never need your OBXa serviced for a dead battery again!

Maybe you never had the factory patches, or your cassette copy is bad or missing. Now you don't have to worry, because the OBXaMK has them built in! With a simple button combination, you can load the patch locations with the factory originals.

The OBXaMK allows you to control note on/off, pitchbend, filter cutoff, filter resonance, portamento and more. It can also transmit keypress information to MIDI so you can use the OBXa keyboard as a simple MIDI controller. The OBXaMK also sends and receives MIDI Tune Request. All parameter adjustment is done from the front panel, using the GROUP and PROGRAM buttons and LEDs.

Installation is very easy. There is no soldering to your OBXa circuitry. You have to remove several ICs from their sockets, mount the OBXAMK using supplied spacers, plug in a 40 PIN ribbon connector, and add MIDI jacks. (The MIDI jacks are actually the most difficult part, which lets you know how easy it is to install the OBXaMK)

Picture of OB-Xa MIDIKit

Here is a list of features:

Selectable MIDI channel. Expanded patch storage from 32 up to 120!
MIDI pitch bend. FLASH ROM - MIDI updateable.
(Controller #07d)Portamento adjustment (Controller #01d)MIDI Volume controller modifies VCA sustain amount.
(Controller #05d)General Purpose controller #1 to Filter Frequency. (Controller #16d)General Purpose controller #2 to Filter Resonance.
(Controller #17d)General Purpose controller #3 to Filter Modulation. (Controller #18d)General Purpose controller #4 to Oscillator Pulse Width.
(Controller #19d)General Purpose controller #5 to Modulation LFO Rate. (Controller #80d)General Purpose controller #6 to Modulation Pulse Width.
(Controller #81d)Continous controller  #20 to VCF Envelope Generator AttackContinous controller  #21 to VCF Envelope Generator Decay
Continous controller  #22 to VCF Envelope Generator SustainContinous controller  #23 to VCF Envelope Generator
ReleaseContinous controller  #24 to VCA Envelope Generator AttackContinous controller  #25 to VCA Envelope Generator Decay
Continous controller  #26 to VCA Envelope Generator Sustain Continous controller  #27 to VCA Envelope Generator Release
Hold from MIDI (Controller #64d) AUTOTUNE from MIDI
Tune RequestSeveral SYS-EX data transfer options. Transfer 120 patches or transfer any single patch.
OBXa keyboard transmits notes to MIDI. The original factory sounds are in the Encore ROM.
MIDI Modulation to LFO amount.

All the functions can be accessed from the front panel. There is no need to set "dip switches" to adjust anything. The OBXaMK works with any OBXa. Encore's standard warranty includes 1 year parts.